Are You A Gracious Musician?


     So thankful for another day in this crazy beautiful life! It’s an ugly rainy day here in the mountains, so I figured I’d write up a blog about some information that I’ve wanted to pass on for a while. I always try to turn a negative into a positive. You guys are just sitting around browsing the internet for interesting stories to read about anyway, right?!  ;)

     In case you didn’t know already, I have been working with an artist development agency in Nashville, TN for quite some time now. PCG Nashville has molded me into the artist I am today and I continue to grow with each and every step I take while holding their hand. When I first started the program, the wife of the president of PCG Nashville (Bernard Porter), Molly Porter, sent me an email containing an article. The article was about how to be a gracious musician. Still to this day, no other article I have ever read has made an impact on my life like this one. I guess it did so because every word in it related so heavily to my life and the dream that I’m ever so fiercely chasing after.

    Based on the title, I wasn’t sure where it was going. After reading it in its entirety, I realized that this was probably one of the most valuable pieces of information I’ve ever received. Being a gracious musician is the only way you will succeed in this business. You will come across people who will lie to you, make fun of you, be mean to you, and absolutely tear you down, but you must remember to maintain a gracious facade. Keeping a smile on your face when negativity is thrown your way isn’t being “fake” toward those who oppose you; it’s being appreciative of those who stand beside you. I have realized that my fans are the ones who are going to make me or break me. I try every day to be gracious to those who have given me their utmost support throughout my musical journey thus far. If you guys ever catch me slipping, call me out on it! I’m only human just like you, so I’m going to have bad days from time to time. I want you all to always remember how important my fans are to me and how much I appreciate each of you. I’m adding the link to the article that changed my life forever at the end. I hope you all, musicians or not, check it out!! Xoxo

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