Devil's Got An Angel's Face


Happy Tuesday!

   I hope everyone's week is going great. I'm still getting used to this whole blogging thing, but I'm excited to let you guys in on the things that happen throughout my musical journey. It's one thing to know my music, but I want you all to know me as a person as well.

     Last weekend I was in Nashville, TN recording my 4th song. This song is my personal favorite on the album so far because I had a hand in writing it. I believe that some of the best songs are the ones that are written in a short amount of time. This song was completed in a timespan of about 30 minutes. I was scheduled for a writing session with my producer, Stephen Leiweke, and fellow Kentuckian and amazing songwriter, Cindy Morgan. We all gathered at Stephen's studio one afternoon and drug our chairs into a small circle. With pen and paper in hand, none of us had any idea where to begin. Stephen is a fabulous musician, so he took it upon himself to get things rolling. He picked up his resonator guitar and began playing a really catchy upbeat tune. I always find songwriting much easier when you first have music to inspire the mood. As Stephen played, Cindy and I started pondering on what we were going to write about and of course we began talking about the ideas that notoriously have country music writers wrapped around their tiny little fingers: love gone wrong and love gone right. This led to the discussion of both of our past love affairs. I started telling Cindy a story about a guy I dated once that was a complete and utter liar. He lied so much that he eventually began to believe his own lies. He's a great guy, but he's definitely not the type of guy you would want to spend forever with. As I told this story, Cindy interrupted with, "So, he's kind of like a devil with an angel's face?" (hence the title). PERFECT! We began writing and within 30 minutes we were finished and very proud of what we had produced. This song is fun, upbeat, and very relatable. I'm sure almost every girl has dated at least one devil with an angel's face. Am I right?! Recording this song was an absolute blast! I came into the studio, turned my hat backwards, and got down to business. I sang the song over and over again getting to just right. I really wanted to capture the right amount of grit and attitude required for this type of song. Stephen really created a masterpiece with this one. I'm so incredibly excited to share this song with you guys! I'll keep you updated on the release date. Xoxo 

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