Life is all about “keys”. The “keys” you acquire in life can open doors you never thought could be unlocked. You must put forth an effort to obtain these “keys”, of course. While attending a summit for PCG in Nashville, I had the opportunity to share my musical journey thus far with the new emerging artists. Following my interview, a PCG provider told a short story about how life is all about “keys” and if obtained, you can be screaming from the mountaintops of success. I don’t remember the whole story word for word, but it went something similar to this.

     “Many, many, many years ago, there was a famous organ player. He was old, but he was the best of the best at his craft. He would play passionately from an open windowed room nestled at the top of a very large mountain. When he would play, a massive crowd would gather to be serenaded by his talent. You could hear his beautiful music from up to 50 miles away due to the echoes. Of course, there were those in the crowd who aspired to be exactly like him. It came time for the old man to retire and he was going to play one last concert. The biggest crowd ever had gathered for his last performance. When he finished his final piece, the crowd cheered loudly. As the cheering ceased, he shut the organ and locked it up forever. He clinched the key tightly in his hand and came down the stairs from the room in which the organ sat. He reached the bottom of the stairs and a young man was standing there asking for the key. The old man said over and over again, “I don’t think I’m ready to quit. Not yet.” The young man demanded the key as the old man continued to repeat himself. The old man reluctantly handed over the key. As the old man walked away, he heard the young man scurry up the stairs, unlock the organ, and begin to play. If the young man had not been persistent and the old man had never handed over the key, the world would never have known the great compositions of Johann Sebastian Bach.”

      I’ve stated this many times in my blogs, but life is all about the choices you make. In order to be successful in any area of life, you must obtain “keys”. Persistence is key. Practice is key. Confidence is key. Consistency is key. Knowledge is key. Obtain your “keys” and unlock the doors to the world you’ve always imagined.     

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