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     Hey y’all! I know I’ve sort of fallen off the blog wagon, but I’m back and excited to share my brain’s randomness with you guys again. My whole singing life, I’ve encountered situations and questions that I thought that only I had to endure, but I’ve found out that other artists go through the same motions. Here’s a list of things that only an artist will understand. If you do sing, I’m sure you’ll probably get a kick out of this and would comment “PREACHHHHHH!!!” on this post if there was a comment box. Haha! Here we go…….


  • You will forever be known as “the one that sings” in your hometown.


  • You can memorize song lyrics fabulously, but you have no idea what you had for lunch 2 hours ago.


  • You’ve never babied anything like you do your voice. It’s more high maintenance than a teenage pageant girl with blonde hair and a Sephora addiction.


  • When you’re scheduled to sing a 2 hour set, you practice like you are training for a 50 mile marathon. There’s a reason why the big acts bring 5 openers for a 3 hour show. I personally don’t do enough cardio for all that jazz.


  • The previous point leads me to this… You should probably do more cardio than what you’re doing. NO HORIZONTAL RUNNING!


  • When your buddies have plans for the evening and invite you to come along, but you’re like, “I can’t. I have a show coming up. Gotta practice for 4 hours tonight.”


  • Set list: Coming up with a set list to please everyone in the crowd while still trying to make it enjoyable for everyone in the crowd the whole time = almost impossible.

  • The constant need for stage outfits is so outrageous that you end up wearing stage outfits on a normal day because you hardly ever buy casual clothing.

  • Nobody understands how hot those stage lights get. “Some performances are worth melting for…” see what I did there ;).

  • Non-singers just assume that you know every single song known to man and that you can just bust them out at the drop of a hat. No.


  • Yes, those high-heels are as uncomfortable as they look.


  • Keeping up with your 75 different social media sites (okay, I’m exaggerating), emails, and music related text and phone calls is the very reason why you’re asking Santa Clause for a personal assistant for Christmas.


  • Getting scary messages from time to time from random made-up profiles, but being nice anyway hoping that they’ll buy your song on iTunes for $0.99, request your song at radio, and not hunt you down to kill you.


  • The fact that you constantly live out of a suitcase means that you barely remember what your own closet looks like.


  • Non-singers literally think you just walk into a bar, sing a song, some label guy sees you, and signs you on the spot. Oh how I wish it were that easy. It involves lots of hard work and dedication, lots of successes and failure (more failures than successes), and lots of being on the edge of giving up and then seeing glimmers of hope in the distance.


     So there’s a little slice of our paradise. Hahaha! It isn’t all glitz and glam. It takes at least 4 hours to put up the glitz and glam front, but that’s another list in the making…LOL.  I wrote this all in good fun. There’s nothing in the world I’d rather be doing than singing and traveling. It has its pros and cons, like all professions have, but it’s such a blessing getting to deal with the good, the bad, and the ugly…and from time to time the absolutely amazing!!!    

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